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FAAC - فک
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Rolling shutters

: گروه محصول

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For spring balanced rolling shutters

R 180 (1 motor): lifting capacity of up to 180 kg
R 280 (2 motors): lifting capacity of up to 280 kg

Application, with adaptors supplied, on shutters with shaft Ø 60/48/42 mm and spring boxes Ø 200/220. Use frequency 25%

PATENTED travel limit device!: Self-learning of the positions of closing and opening to minimise work for the installer, noticeably reducing installation and set-up time, thanks also to the already-wired motor power cable.

Innovative PATENTED! crown support system with roller cage, designed to improve system performance and simplify installation operations.

Sturdy and reliable: body and crown in aluminium alloy, integral epicycloidal gearmotor with high-resistance steel gears, sealed bearings  on the motor-gear shaft, use of special technopolymers on the travel limit device, lubrication with doped fats to increase heat resistance

Integrated anti-fall device (optional): possibility of installing the anti-fall device directly on the operator, as body and crown are already designed for this; it permits the installer to satisfy the EN 13241-1 standard.
The device was developed to immediately stop uncontrolled descent of doors of a weight of up to 180 kg

XK 21 key-operated push-button OP/CL anti-break in, with manual remote release device. Available in version H (contact capacity 20A/250V) and version L (24V)
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